Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a simple and fast way to reduce anxiety, worry and stress. It brings inner peace and tranquility without requiring special equipment. The habitual practice of meditation has many health benefits.

Many think stress reduction is the sole benefit of meditation. However, a positive mood and outlook on life are just the beginning. There are many other benefits of the practice.

Here are a few to start you off.


Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Studies show meditation is as effective at addressing anxiety and depression as medication. You can train your mind to manage your symptoms. Active training increases your awareness and helps you relax. It is not just about sitting down and doing nothing - it teaches you to gain a new perspective on stressful situations.


Improves Memory

Meditation trains your mind to focus. It also increases your awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Practicing meditation every day creates mental clarity. It also improves your attention span and memory. Studies show that meditation can do this in only eight weeks.


People who meditate regularly do better on visual tasks and remember more than those who do not. The practice reverses poor attention and mind-wandering, enhancing your attentiveness and memory.


Reduces Age-Related Memory Loss

The enhancement of clarity and attention keeps your mind young. As you age, meditation helps focus your thoughts and in turn fights age-related memory loss. Studies show that it can slightly improve memory for patients with dementia. It controls their stress and helps them cope with their condition.


Improves Sleep

Studies show people who meditate tend to stay asleep longer than people who do not. It improves insomnia without the need for medication. Meditation helps quiet the busy mind so you can relax and sleep. It also shortens how long it takes to fall asleep and increases sleep quality.


Decreases Blood Pressure

Meditation decreases stress on your heart. When you have high blood pressure, it causes the heart to work harder and leads to poor heart function. It also narrows arteries, which increases risk of a stroke or heart attack. Meditation relaxes nerve signals and teaches you to breathe, which has a stress-reducing effect. Therefore, a meditation practice reduces blood pressure and lowers chances of heart disease.


Helps Fight Addictions

Meditation helps you practice mental discipline that may help increase self-control and break dependencies. It creates self-awareness helping you know your triggers for addictive behavior. You will learn to redirect your thoughts and attention. It also teaches you how to manage your impulses and emotions, increasing your understanding of the causes behind them.

It can help you fight food cravings and alcoholism by lowering your psychological distress and stress levels. Meditation will teach you to deal with food and alcohol cravings by redirecting your focus and attention to more beneficial activities. It helps you manage emotions, increase discipline and calm yourself down.

At Advanced Health and Wellness we offer Vibroacoustic Sound Bed sessions, which change the brain waves into Theta frequencies, automatically putting your mind into a meditative state. For more information on meditation or to schedule a Vibroacoustic Sound Bed session, contact us at 770.253.5040.

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