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‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’
​​​​​​​~ Hippocrates

What to Expect... A Nourish Event.

As you step into the Nourish Teaching Kitchen your senses immediately meet the aromatic symphony of a kitchen filled with Love and Life Giving Food. As you sip your first consciously chosen wine pairing, you begin to soak in the aroma of herbs and spices, delight in the vibrance of freshly chosen ingredients, while being enveloped with joyful anticipation… your excitement grows. You nibble on some appetizers, conversate with your fellow guests and watch as your main course is being mindfully prepared by our guest chefs. Once you take your seat, and dinner is served, the fun really begins. This isn’t your average dinner party… Dr. Bailey, Dr. Brooke and our guest chefs will all provide education on using Food as Medicine to give you a life full of vitality and optimal wellness. Ingredients and their health benefits; plant-based living and its ability to improve longevity and reduce medications; eating cleanly and simply with locally sourced, organic and seasonal selections; and finding joy in how you fuel your body are just some of the overarching topics we will explore. You’re treating yourself to an experience… a Nourish Event, including an Empowering Education, a 4 Course Chef Prepared Dinner with mindfully selected menu for nutrient density and wellness boosting capacity, wine pairings, community, laughter and an intimate setting all designed to Nourish You ~ Body, Mind and Soul!

Advanced Health and Wellness is Committed to Empowering You Towards Better Health, Vitality and Wellness.

One of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle is your daily fuel. You are what you eat, the food you eat literally becomes the cellular makeup of your body and as Hippocrates so wisely said, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!’ Therefore, we are offering Quarterly Nourish Chef Prepared Dinners with Education from our doctors. Each quarter will highlight a different theme and every inclusion, from the menu to the ingredients to the cooking style, will be appropriate to the topic… from Heart Healthy to Immune Boosting, from Anti-Inflammatory to Mood Balancing. Every Nourish Event will be selected with Let Food Be Thy Medicine in mind!

We hope to entice some foodies into a more holistic, plant based way of eating… trust us, the flavors are enlivening! You won't miss a thing... all while filling your body with living food.

Each Nourish Event Includes:

  • Theme Appropriate Education with Dr. Bailey, Dr. Brooke and our Guest

  • 4 Course Chef Prepared Dinner - Plant Based with Gluten Free and Vegan Options

  • Consciously Chosen Wine Pairings

  • Intimate Setting for Connection, Community and Laughter

  • Take Home Recipe

Limited Seating, So Book Now!

August 26th Nourish Event
... Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.

Our August Nourish Event Theme is Let Food Be Thy Medicine. We will be sharing research, personal experiences and interesting facts about the power food can have on our health, longevity, vitality and life force energy. We will discuss the importance of eating organically, locally, seasonally and mindfully. We will share anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense foods and why they are so important to optimal wellness. And for many, we will introduce plant based living... that doesn't just mean eating salads and being bored with taste... this new way of life may be just the thing you're looking for to shift your perspective!​​​​​​​

Meet Our August Guest Chef Team ~ Poppy

Poppy Health Foods is a holistic catering service in the surrounding Atlanta area offering tasting menu style dinner parties. Poppy’s style is globally inspired healthy food that’s nutritious AND delicious! They believe when you eat good, you feel good and do good.

Joe has a passion for cooking that has developed over many years of working in a variety of different kitchens, from small bistro cafes and fine dining to large scale catering. He believes food is art and cooking is a form of that creation. Joe is also a yogi, which has impacted the way he consciously consumes and serves. His partner, Sylvia, is also a yogi and certified health coach who inspires intuitive eating. She believes food is medicine and that your kitchen is your hospital. Together they connect over their love of food, yoga and their beloved dog, Poppy.

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