How a Coach or Mentor Helps You Reach Your Ideal Destination

How a Coach or Mentor Helps You Reach Your Ideal Destination

Goals are essential, especially when working towards more vital health and wellness. They help articulate what needs to be accomplished to reach your desired destination. However, even setting goals can be daunting. After all, they often mean leaving your comfort zone.

Because the desire to change or ‘live your dream’ is common, but the drive needed to get there can be challenging, we need coaches or mentors. They understand how to navigate your self-doubt, self-sabotage, and other barriers to get you where you want to go.


What Is a Mentor or Coach?

The word mentor dates back to a poem in ancient Greece. It comes from a character in Homer’s Odyssey who was a guardian, and teacher of sorts, to Telemachus. A coach is commonly associated with sports, but more recently also includes other areas of life. Coaches work much in the same way as mentors.


Coaches and mentors are useful when wanting to improve a skill set, your habits, your health and your life dreams. They work to bring out your potential, often doing this using their own experiences. They encourage you to make better decisions, grow your skills and provide new perspectives.


How Can a Coach or Mentor Help You Achieve Your Goals?


Often coaches and mentors do not set goals for you… they help you set them yourself. They may challenge you to expect more from yourself by advocating for you, but ultimately you will set your own goals.


Learning Culture


When setting goals, it’s typically necessary to enter a new space mentally, emotionally, physically and even sometimes spiritually. Coaches are like tour guides in these new places. Often encouraging exploration to build familiarity and help you become more relaxed. They teach you how to navigate and use your gifts and talents in these unknown realms.


Empowering Education

Mentors use their wealth of experience as a rich source of information and education for you. This wisdom helps you adjust and course correct when reaching towards a goal. They also provide the knowledge needed both in the moment and long term. A stellar mentor equips you to go beyond the goals you originally set, continually helping you grow and evolve.


Support System


A sound support system is vital when working towards a challenging goal. If you’re lucky, you may have a family that provides this. However, having someone who knows what you are going through goes a long way. Coaches give this support system and offer encouragement when you are feeling overwhelmed.




A significant part of having a coach or mentor is accountability. Being held accountable, when you fail to meet specific goals, helps prevent one misaligned action from turning into completely giving up on your desired destination. Accountability provides motivation to see something through so you are more likely to meet your goal.



Mentors and coaches often advise you to break down your goals into small, achievable chunks, highlighting your progress and keeping you moving forward. Even small successes lead to momentum toward your greater goals. Coaches and mentors remind you to celebrate each step along the way.

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