It's National Employee Wellness Month!

It's National Employee Wellness Month!

Workplaces around the world have a special reason to celebrate June - it is National Employee Wellness Month. It is a great time to honor the health and well-being of employees in every aspect of their lives. This is an opportunity for employers to express their gratitude for their top asset. As such, many companies now offer resources and rewards to help their teams reach their wellness goals.


What Is Employee Wellness?


Employee wellness is about companies supporting the health and happiness of their team members. Companies offer various activities and strategies to enhance their employees' physical, mental and emotional well-being.


The Benefits of Employee Wellness


Employee wellness is more than a buzzword or a trend. It can bring about concrete benefits to produce high-functioning teams, including:


  • Produce higher-quality results

  • Attract and keep top talent

  • Create a positive and supportive work environment

  • Teams feel more motivated, committed and loyal

  • Promote work-life balance

  • Employees cope better with challenges and pressures

  • Avoid mental and emotional exhaustion

  • Avoid or reduce illnesses and injuries

  • Prevent or manage chronic health problems

  • Save on medical expenses


Organizations are wise to invest in employee well-being. While it makes sense from a human standpoint, it also makes sense from a business standpoint. Investing in the wellness of your employees can lead to up to four times higher profits and two times higher customer satisfaction. It can also lead to 40% lower turnover and 50% fewer safety incidents. This is according to a study by Josh Bersin, a leading researcher on employee well-being.


How to Celebrate Employee Wellness Month


Celebrating Employee Wellness Month can be easy and affordable. You can motivate your teams to look after their well-being in all areas. Among these are their physical, emotional, financial, mental and spiritual wellness. Here are some suggestions to begin:


  • Organize wellness challenges and competitions that reward employees for achieving their health goals. Activities may include walking, drinking water, meditating, sleeping, etc.

  • Host wellness webinars and workshops that educate employees on various wellness-related topics. Topics may include nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, stress management and more. Advanced Wellness offers these exact types of classes and webinars.

  • Provide wellness benefits and perks to support employees' well-being. These include flexible work hours, telecommuting, health insurance, gym memberships, massage therapy, healthy office meals, etc.

  • Create wellness spaces and activities that foster a healthy work environment. Practical ideas include ergonomic furniture, plants, natural lighting, music, games, quiet spaces.

  • Celebrate wellness achievements and milestones. Recognize employees' efforts and progress in their wellness journey. Organizations can award certificates, badges, shout-outs and other accolades.


Join the Employee Wellness Movement


Employee Wellness Month is not a one-time event. It is an initiative that strives to build a work culture of well-being and joy. You can improve your employees' lives and your own by being part of this initiative.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin preparing your Employee Wellness Month events now and look forward to celebrating with your team. Remember: Happy employees make happy customers.


Moving Forward


Corporate Wellness Month may end, but the benefits of employee well-being do not. Prudent, successful companies make wellness part of their corporate culture. This benefits employees as well as the organization.

For more on our employee wellness ‘lunch and learns’ or health talks and how we can support your employees to achieve an aligned mind and body, contact Advanced Health and Wellness at our Newnan, Georgia office. Call 770.253.5040 or email

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