What Is Functional Medicine?

What Is Functional Medicine?

Illnesses, diseases, and chronic conditions have afflicted humans throughout their existence. In response, communities everywhere instituted healers and doctors to know more about these ailments. They experimented and developed all kinds of medical tools to manage diseases or keep them at bay.


Yet, until a century ago, many conditions remained unknown even to the best doctors of the time. It was with technological innovations that their modern counterparts made significant strides against these conditions.

Today, volumes of literature about how the body works are more exacting than ever. With knowledge and visionary intellectuals comes understanding and deep insight. This is what is happening in the medical industry. In particular, some doctors have conceived a treatment strategy that differs from that of conventional medicine - this is called functional medicine.


Tenets of Functional Medicine


Support Innate Healing vs Suppress Symptoms


Functional medicine differs from conventional medical models in large part by philosophy. Rather than treating or suppressing symptoms, functional medicine looks for the root cause. It supports the body’s innate ability to heal and addresses the whole person - body, mind and soul. Functional medicine practitioners prefer using natural remedies, diet and lifestyle creating a long term, proactive and preventative approach.


Finding the Underlying Cause

Symptoms that arise are the body’s attempt to heal and are used by functional medicine practitioners as a map to help them determine the underlying cause. When symptoms are suppressed, instead of investigated, the root cause is ultimately worsened and the disease sets in deeper.


Personalized/Individualized Care


We are all unique beings and this is embraced in functional medicine, which recognizes everyone has individualized biological and genetic traits. As such, functional medicine does not prescribe a one-size-fits-all treatment. Instead, practitioners take time to understand who you are genetically, how your body works, your lifestyle, emotions, and stressors. From this, a customized treatment plan is personalized for you.


Deep Dive Unconventional Diagnostics

Functional medicine doctors look into the genetic makeup of their clients to establish if they are predisposed to certain illnesses or have challenging genetic mutations. They examine their patient’s environment and diet to see how they may affect the condition. They also use different ranges for diagnostic testing than conventional medicine, offering a guide to potential diseases or areas of weakness that may need addressing and to assist in guiding one towards more optimal living.


Diet, Lifestyle, and Natural Approaches to Treatment


At the heart of functional medicine is diet, lifestyle, and natural remedies. There are many natural remedies available, like herbs, supplements, homeopathy, mind-body medicine, and more.


These vital elements are used to address the underlying cause of conditions and support the body’s healing and prevention of disease. However, what we eat and how we live also supports optimal health and wellness for years to come. While this might seem simple it actually has a profound effect on your ability to Advance Your Health so you can Live Your Dream!


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