World Wellness Weekend: A Celebration of Health and Happiness

World Wellness Weekend: A Celebration of Health and Happiness

If you are in good health, your wellness is one of the greatest gifts you have. The World Wellness Weekend brings people across the globe together to celebrate health and wellness. Among the focus areas are mental health, physical activity and self-care.


Here is what World Wellness Weekend is all about.


The World Wellness Weekend


As the name suggests, this is a weekend-long activity/event usually slated for the third week of September each year. The movement has a global reach and aims to promote holistic well-being. The event encourages people to engage in activities that enhance emotional, mental and physical health. These lead to developing a sense of balance, happiness and overall well-being.


How to Prioritize Self-care


These days, people hardly have the time to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Juggling work, school, family and other responsibilities leads people to self-neglect. To prioritize self-care, you must schedule activities such as mindfulness and spending quality time in nature. Eating wholesome food will also help you feel the best physically and mentally.


Activities and Initiatives During the World Wellness Weekend


To achieve the goal of this weekend event, people everywhere participate in activities such as:


  • Fitness Classes: To encourage participation, many fitness studios offer discounted classes during World Wellness Weekend to encourage people to keep fit by staying active.

  • Healthy Eating Forums: People attend healthy cooking classes or nutritional workshops to encourage them to adopt such a lifestyle.

  • Nature Walks and Outdoor Activities: To stay healthy and connect with nature, outdoor activities and nature walks are ideal to breathe in the fresh outdoor air as you keep fit.

  • Engaging in Mental Health Discussions: During this weekend, people participate in workshops on mental health topics. These discussions reduce stigma and raise awareness on issues surrounding mental health.

  • Creative Expression Workshops: World Wellness Weekend opportunities may include participation in creative activities. Some of these include dance, art and music which are ideal for promoting mental and emotional well-being.


These and many more activities are unique to each location across the globe. However, their main objective is to promote the health and well-being of all.


Welcome to Our “Nourish Dinner”


To celebrate World Wellness Weekend, we invite you to our complimentary Nourish Dinner to learn how you can Advance Your Health to Live Your Dream. You will enjoy delicious food that is good for your body, while learning valuable insights from Dr. Jason Bailey, CEO of Advanced Health & Wellness.


Join us for one of our Nourish Dinners held several times per month at 6pm. At Advanced Wellness we promote health, wellness and self-care year round and not simply during World Wellness Weekend. Reserve your complimentary seats by calling 770.253.5040. Come with your family and friends and let us enjoy and celebrate together!

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